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Unique Rack System for Storing Whole Sheets of Metal and Their Residual Sheets

A rack system MAGNUS makes use of a patented stowing system of individual sheets of metal, unique in Europe. The price indeed corresponds with a quality and uncontested operating life in decades. This solution can be used for storing of any kind of material supplied in sheets / panes (glass, wood, plywood, plastic materials etc.).

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Modular Rack System for Pallet Goods Storage and Sheet Metal Packages

A modular rack system for pallet goods storage and sheet metal packages TEXO is used for storing of pallets from a size 1,200x800 mm up to a size 3,900x1,200 mm and it consists of four basic modules that can be easily combined and thus form a desired configuration of rack lines. Modular pallet rack TEXO was structurally modified for storage of ten packages of metal sheets of a format 2,000×1000 mm to 4,000×2,000 mm, with a load capacity of one cell 3,000 kg. The price corresponds to its robustness, quality and an exceptional operation life of several decades. The colour design is up to customers´ requirements in compliance with the RAL colour chart.

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Rack System for Storing of the Profiles of Various Lengths

A rack system GRADUS is a series of very compact racks for storing of profiles of the lengths 6,000 mm or 3,000 mm and other residual materials. The racks GRADUS can endure high load and they also take pride in their long operating life up to several decades. If you are looking for a long term and nearly undestroyable solution, GRADUS is the best choice for you.

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