Quality Policy

Our company was founded in 2004 as a Czech joint-stock company.

The company Dendera Inc. strives predominantly for satisfying production needs of small and medium companies in the field of supplies of top sheet metal products as much as supplies of “smart” storage rack systems. The company also  take pains to ensure good working and sales conditions as much as just relationships withinh the enterprise.

Our fundamental long term business perspective is to improve production effectivity by means of higher qualification, lower error rate and speeding up of all management processes in order to achieve higher prosperity of us all.

A key long term objective is also to transform our company from a mere custom-made producer of a wide range of components and sets to a reputable partner in the field of rack systems supplies.

1. Quality

Quality is in our company a top priority. It is guaranteed by our expertise and also by an initiative approach of our employees. We are well aware that the quality and speed of all processes in our company affects significantly our future.

2. Respect to Our Customers

The cooperation with our suppliers is on a partnership basis. We supply our products  in a desired quality and we follow agreed deadlines. We have a very close relationship with all our customers on the ground of which we are able to react promptly to all their needs, wishes and expectations.

3. Economization and Effectivity

In all our departments we take such measures that enable us to cut down costs and prevent all kinds of wasting.

4. Fellow-Workers

We respect any creative and professionaly proficient fellow-workers who are willing to educate themselves in their field of expertise. We have been constantly trying to motivate them to a productive and well-done job, which can incessantly help to improve satisfaction of our fellow-workers and customers. We support a permanent growth with our key workers, being it both in their professional expertise and their management skills, team work etc.

The policy quality in our company is published as a single document and all the employees are familiar with it. The management of the company feels obliged to fullfil requirements and to go on in increasing effectivity of the management quality system.

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