History of the Company

Foundation of the Company and Its Rapid Growth

The company Dendera Inc. was founded in 2004 as a Czech joint stock company. It first provided only sheet metal laser cutting and CNC-bending. It focused mainly upon producers with a single-piece or small lot production who could hardly satisfy their manufacturing requirements with bigger suppliers of sheetmetal components.

The company Dendera Inc. developed dramatically in the given field and in compliance with their customer´s requirements it  expanded its capacity not only as for laser cutting, but also in the filed of CNC-bending. The customers would subsequently come with new suggestions and requirements concerning their products finishing. That is why the technologies of drilling, core-drilling,  inlet reaming and thread production were being gradually introduced. Due to a growing demand as for product finishing new premises were built for processing of profile materials and subsequently also a workshop for welding of sheetmetal and profile components placed into sets. Next logical step was then an offer of finishing works by means of surface finishing with a wet varnish, surface powdery colours and all methods of galvanization. As for the welded sets the customers required also production of some components by means of mechanical cutting. That is why two workshops for turning and milling of simpler components were built.

By the first half  of 2008 the company Dendera Inc. was able to provide the customers with complex production, being it both the components and welded sets that were prepared for a possibility of a final  assemblage at the customer´s premises into manufactured appliances or machines. Due to such a sortiment and technological workshops growth the premises on lease were becoming more and more insufficient, hence the company Dendera Inc. bought in 2008 old manufacturing premises in the village Němčice near Boskovice the history of which goes as far as to the 19th century. The plan was to make a complete reconstruction and to move the whole production into one´s own manufacturing premises.

The subsequent global financial crisis in the second half of the year 2008 and especiallly in 2009 affected severely the production in the company Dendera Inc. and it also changed all time schedules. A great drop in production was among others caused by a practically exclusive orientation of the company to the Czech market that was due to a very open Czech economy dramatically affected. By virtue of rigorous crisis management implementation and savings in all areas of production this episode in the history of the company was successfully made up with.

Growth in Production and Export

The company learnt its lesson from the financial crisis and it was also a distinct impuls for a further growth of the company and a change from its prevalent orientation to the Czech market to the whole European one. We started to look for customers in whole western Europe, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary, the result of which being a growth of an export of Dendera Inc. products from original 3% in 2007 up to present 60% of the whole production. There is an export to Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, France and Spain going on at present. One of the necessary conditions for any successful export is indeed a certification in compliance with the norm ISO. The company succeeded in its obtaining and subsequently it also retained recertification to the norm ISO9001:2015.

Reconstruction of the Manufacturing Premises

A growing volume of its production and also profitability enabled the company Dendera Inc. to return to its original idea of reconstructing its own manufacturing premises. We managed to get a grant allocation from the European Regional Development Fund. Thanks to this significant support we were able to start a reconstruction of the premises in 2014. This reconstruction was later on followed by a completion of a building of a new manufacturing workshop. The whole project was successfully finished in the half of the year 2015, when also a demanding transfer of the whole production was carried out. The company Dendera Inc. disposes now of manufacturing area of 2.600 m2. There is also another workshop of  1.500 m2 of manufacturing area, that can in case of need serve for a further growth of the company and be reconstructed, too.

New Manufacturing Processes

Together with new manufacturing premises we have managed to introduce to the production  also new manufacturing processes enabling production of more and more complex and complicated products, such as cutting with a water jet or CNC machines cutting. Welding of construction parts and assemblies is also being expanded and improved.

At present the company Dendera Inc. is able to provide with single-piece, small lot and medium lot production of a wide range of products, starting with simple parts up to complicated welded sets with cut components and mechanical cutting of welded assemblies. All parts and assemblies can be furnished with required surface finishing, being it galvanization or comaxite.

Development of Our Own Rack Systems

Due to an expansion of the production and growing requirements as for storage areas a need arose in the company Dendera Inc. to make use of rack systems for storing materials and goods on pallets. At first racks of various suppliers were used that however could not satisfy all needs of our company, especially as for  the load capacity  of the racks, their sturdiness and operation life. That is why the company started its own development of rack systems that would be able to satisfy all these needs. It resulted in three rack product lines MAGNUS, GRADUS and TEXO that can be used for storing of the sheetmetal, profiles anad pallet goods. The final solution of the rack system MAGNUS has won thanks to its uniqueness a patent. All the racks underwent difficult loading tests during the manufacturing itself and after having been attested we started to offer them to our customers, too.

Development of Our Own Software

Paralelly with a construction solution of the rack systems a development of our own SW Herkules was being carried out that helped in a logistic solution of storages and that utilizes our own unique storage method, long-term practically proven and really working.

The company is thanks to a long-lasting development of our own rack systems and our own software able to offer at present complex logistic solutions of the storages for all kinds of materials and pallet goods.

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